Meena has been teaching dance for the past 25 years. I have personally known Meena from 2000. I did my arangetram in 2004. Meena's teaching is very unique in that she tailors the dance pieces that interest and suits her students. Her choreography is beautiful and even today I love watching her students dance to handpicked songs during the annual day celebrations and arangetrams. It's absolutely beautiful to watch even the youngest dancers dance with grace and perfection. Meena strives to impart hard work, perseverance, grace and her Vazhuvoor style of dancing to all her students. Meena takes care of each of her students as her own and the love and affection can be seen in her student(s) when on the stage performing. All her graduates (students who did arangetram) still keep in touch with her even though most of them have moved miles away. My daughter Anika is also a student of Meena. Anika started her dance classes when she was 5. She looks forward to her dance classes every week and loves to learn from Meena. Looking forward to having Anika also do Arangetram with Meena in the near future.

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